During these years I have been lucky to participate so many excellent trainings, lectures and seminars.
I want to thank all of the wonderful teachers I have had!

June - October 2011 Kate Mallatratt (UK) (Learning about Dogs) Clicker Assessment Program 1&2 - internet course

April- July 2011 Susan Garrett (CAN)  (Say Yes Dog Training) The 5 minute formula for brilliant Recall - internet course

May - July 2011 Kay Laurence (UK) (Learning about Dogs) Teaching Life and Rehalbilitation Skills  - internet course

May 2011 Ken Ramirez (USA) Professional Animal Training Seminar, organized by WATA. Here you can find more. A 5-day seminar in Rimini, Italy.

February- March 2011 Kay Laurence (Learning about Dogs)- Rules of Play - internet course

January- April 2011  Kate Mallatratt (Learning about Dogs)- Microshaping - internet course

August 2010 - Ken Ramirez, Kathy Sdao, Michele Pouliot (USA). Training seminar. 2 days of lectures covering different aspects of training.  Here you can find more information.

juuli 2010 - Amy Watson (UK) Battersea
Dogs and Cats home - Introduction of the shelter and routines

juuni 2010 - Kay Laurence (UK) "What's New in Dog Training" 1-day seminar

June 2010 - Kay Laurence ja Helen Phillips (UK)  "What's New in Clicker Training" 1- day seminar

December 2009 - Aivo Oblikas (EST), "Play. How to raise a future competition dog." (lecture)

May 2009 - Gwen Bailey (UK), "All you have to know about a puppy" (1 day). Lecture about Puppy School (1 day)

July 2008 - Mika Leppinen (kennel Nitrick)(FIN), A 2-day training for Qualifyig test

October 2007 – Ari-Pekka Fontell, Heikki Nevalainen (FIN)- Lectures and practical trainings for the trainers of Qualifying test (Retrievers)

July 2007 – Ekaterina Gurova (RUS)- Obedience. 3 days of lectures and practical trainings

April 2007 – Leena Välimäki (FIN) - Obedience. 3 days of lectures and practical trainings

March - June  2007 - Estonian Kennel Union - Basic course and test for novice trainers

March 2006-
Ismael de Vos - Clicker training for Obedience. A 2-days practical training

February 2005 -
Gerard O’Shea- 4-days Clickertraining lecture and practical training

June 2004 – Janita Leinonen (FIN)- 2-days Obedience training  (practical training)

May 2004  Mika ja Maija Lappalainen (kennel
Jummi-Jammin) (FIN)- A 2-day training for qualifyig test  (lecture and practical training)

March 2004 – Jaana Rajanmäki, Tommy Wiren (FIN)- Clickertraining  (lecture and practical training)

July 2003 – Gerard O’ Shea - A 3-days seminar for showring handlers